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Exciting News about Avista Solutions International Inc.

We are proud to share some exciting news!

Avista Solutions International has been acquired by the packaging industry’s leading software solution provider, Amtech Software. Our mutual goal is to enhance the automation level in all box plants creating an All In One Smart Factory. This will include Amtech and Avista working together to integrate our products.

We are looking to build new capabilities that will provide the following benefits:

  • Plan from paper to delivery
  • Automate 3 scheduling jobs into 1
  • Eliminate all interfaces
  • Reduce waste


➢ The entire Avista team has transitioned to Amtech, so existing services and support will continue without disruption.

➢ We will leverage Amtech and Avista’s strengths and combined resources to begin to create a seamless, integrated solution.

➢ An Amtech representative will contact you within the next thirty days to begin the transition and onboarding process. We look forward to enhancing our client relationships and the value our team delivers to your company.

Amtech Software Acquires Avista Solutions International Inc.

Amtech Acquires Avista to Create Smart Factory

Amtech, the North American leader in software for the packaging industry, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Avista Solutions International of Minneapolis MN. Leveraging Avista’s world class solutions for scheduling, logistics and process improvement. This collaboration will foster the creation of an All in One Smart Factory. Both Amtech and Avista customers will benefit from the seamless integration of both systems.

Cosmo DeNicola, Amtech Chairman, said “Through this acquisition we have demonstrated our commitment to the packaging industry while strengthening our end to end capabilities. We have a long history of optimizing the sales, order-to-cash and production process. Now we will do the same for scheduling, material movements, and truck loading systems. Our customers have been searching for a single source, best of breed solution, and we are poised to deliver it.”

DeNicola continues, “Avista has a major footprint in South America, Central America and Mexico, and this will provide Amtech the avenue to expand into these markets as part of our global strategy.

Avista employees, including the co-founder and principals, will be joining the Amtech team. “I am so excited to take on a key role with the industry leader and pool our collective ideas to create a Super System,” stated Avista’s Mark Gartrell. “We will put our three decades of global scheduling and corrugated experience to good use and make the packaging industry stronger.”

Official Press Release

Amtech Press Release

Innovative Fiber, LLC Recognized for Growth

Milwaukee Business Journal - Fastest Growing Firms

Each year, the Milwaukee Business Journal recognizes a short list of companies that have experienced a three-year trend of significant growth in sales. The recognition program focuses on small and mid-tier businesses located in the Milwaukee area and the winners represent a wide variety of industries. To be selected, each company must have annual revenues between $3,000,000 and $500,000,000 and profits recorded for the past three consecutive years. We are pleased to congratulate Innovative Fiber, LLC for being included on that impressive list.

2017 Innovative Fiber, LLC Recognition

In manufacturing, as in other industries, the goal is always to see annual growth with continued organizational profitability. Avista Solutions is thrilled to find its client Innovative Fiber, LLC listed among the top firms recognized by the business journal. Named as the 2017 fastest growing manufacturing company in Wisconsin, Innovative Fiber is an industry leader in the production of bakeable corrugated packaging. Innovative Fiber’s sustainable solutions save food service customers the extra steps, time, and money that come from switching containers after the baking process.

When it comes down to being at the right place at the right time, Innovative Fiber LLC was a game-changer for the baking industry.

Milwaukee Business Journal

With packaging designed for use in the production and distribution of baked goods, Innovative Fiber products carry baked goods from baking to shipping and display; enhancing efficiencies and profits for their clients. The company was formed in 2002 by Jeff Covelli after he engineered his unique concept for use in commercial bakeries. He acquired a patent and Innovative Fiber started production; by 2015, the company was selling globally and was clearly on track for rapid company growth.

Integrated Systems Need

As the company expanded, it soon became clear that Innovative Fiber needed to find solutions to optimize its own internal systems and support in order to efficiently handle sales growth, management, production, and shipping. The success of its commercial baking and packaging products required the company to identify an innovative partner with the experience and support necessary to create, customize, and manage a system which would meet their unique manufacturing environment and industry needs. As a leading information systems integrator and specialized equipment service company in the corrugated and paperboard packaging industry, Avista Solutions was well-positioned to be that partner.

Avista Solutions - An Innovative Partner for Growth

Since 1988, Avista has been offering technically advanced products and solutions that give customers detailed, real-time access to critical data on the plant floor, along with an integrated suite of business applications that manage everything from sales opportunities to the loading dock. As Innovative Fiber has grown, Avista has customized offerings to meet its needs. Doing so sets Avista apart from other industry suppliers and could also be a deciding factor in your company’s growth and success.

Congratulations to everyone at Innovative Fiber on being recognized by the Milwaukee Business Journal as a successful, rapidly growing manufacturing company!

Innovative Fiber Award

People Left to Right:

Dan Dyson, Mark, Jeff Covelli - President INNOVATIVE FIBER, Joe Nellis - General Manager INNOVATIVE FIBER, Jack Keller

Avista Scoreboards Provide High Graphic Data Displays

Avista Solutions International has extended its reputation for industry leading innovation in the corrugated software industry with the release of the all new Avista Scoreboards. This new product is providing the industry with heretofore unavailable functionality.

Avista Scoreboard Wall Mount

During 2016 Avista, in conjunction with several customers, has completed the design and development of a completely new concept for critical data communications. During the design of this new product Avista compiled a detailed list of what was missing within the marketplace including the following features:

Key Features

  • All current displays used expensive low graphic hardware which was hard to mount and maintain. The industry needed lower cost units which were easy to install and provide leading edge graphic capability.
  • The data displayed was limited to one location and one format. Users needed to be able to access the data from anywhere and in custom formats meant to satisfy various business needs.
  • The data displayed was limited to 5 or 6 elements and was constantly displayed in this single format. There was a great need for more data and the ability to switch and rotate between multiple screens.
  • Customization of the data displayed was impossible or was expensive and time consuming. Each facility using the scoreboards had custom requirements which could change at any time.

Avista decided upon recognizing the shortcomings of the currently available product that the industry needed a supplier that was able to provide a product which fit the needs of the using plants. Avista has addressed each weakness and is now providing the leading edge product which satisfies all needs.

Advantages of the Avista Scoreboards include

  • The hardware used for plant screens are new HD TVs units which cost about 10% of the older screens while providing much higher graphic capabilities.
  • The screens can be mounted in a number of ways very inexpensively.
  • Maintenance costs are non-existent.
  • The scoreboards can be viewed from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone anywhere in the world where internet connectivity exists.
  • Scoreboards can handle literally hundreds of data items and these can be customized in hours not months.
  • The scoreboards can have a single screen or rotating screens as needed.
  • Color coding, Graphs, Alert Messages and many more items are available on any scoreboard.
  • The data transferred is very small and has no effect on any networks while being protected from intrusion.
  • Data can include user provide information which they can update by simply editing a text file. This can include announcement, plant events, etc.
  • Scoreboards currently can include real time information from corrugators, converting machines, shipping, order entry, sales data, backlog data, Inventory information and almost anything else.

The possible uses of these scoreboards are almost endless. With the ability to access the data remotely on any internet device allows corrugated manufacturers to provide services to their customers that cannot be duplicated. For example, allowing a customer to see real time the status of their orders or their inventory within your facility, Also sales people can arrive at a customer knowing everything they should know before making sales calls.

For more information about Avista Scoreboards click here.

Avista - Press Release

2014 was a great year for Avista Solutions International, Inc. and also the third consecutive year of double digit revenue growth. In addition, Avista pursued new product development during 2014 aggressively. Avista has long held the position that firms must innovate in order to survive. That was true 27 years ago, when Avista Solutions International, Inc. was founded, and it remains true today.

Avista serves the corrugated paperboard packaging industry and within that market space, three distinct plant types exist; the Sheet Feeder, the Sheet Plant and the Full Box Plant. While some may propose that one Business System may be good enough to handle the Order to Cash process in each manufacturing business model, Avista believes that all sub-processes that make up the Order to Cash process associated with each of the three models are unique and therefore require unique solutions.

Avista recognized this requirement in 1988 and has focused on architecting these independent Business System approaches within our products. We are pleased to offer unique solutions for all three models today.

In 2014 Avista has leveraged new developments associated with Supply Chain Management resulting in the Roll Stock Replenishment Process Module and enhanced our eCustomer Link Module, which continues to be the most comprehensive customer portal today, as it has been since it was first introduced in 1995.

Avista has been busy with the development of the Customer Credit and Return Management Module and the Process Quality Module, which is a totally configurable system for implementing free formatted process checks, supporting user interaction, collecting data, and presenting results.

In 2014 we are pleased to announce the acquisition of Scrap TrakkerTM, the computerized waste management system which has become the industry favorite for collecting data and understanding the root cause and ultimate reduction of costs associated with producing waste.

Looking forward to 2015, we are focused on providing additional value to our customers through enhancing our support processes, expanding our business intelligence techniques and analytical tools, and adding new modules to our existing product portfolio. We will continue to put our energy into research and development in areas that will result in the best return for our customers’ investment.

Avista - Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Schwarz Partners’ John Lingle talks about how his sheet feeder operations drive to continually improve in order to better serve their customers.

We should begin by pointing out that Schwarz Partners' Sheet Business Group's ten sheet feeder facilities serve literally hundreds of sheet plants across the United States. According to Lingle, "We run a significant number of orders a day. And every one is important."

"We feel that Avista Software's Axiom Suite is the most complete solution for us," John states. "Other (software) systems are more geared toward just box plants or just sheet plants. We've worked with Avista to develop and shape their system into the ideal link between our sheet feeder operations and our sheet plant customers."

Specifically, "From a high level standpoint the software allows us to communicate better with our customers so all of us know as much as we possibly can about all aspects of an order. That allows everyone to make good decisions based on real time, not periodic data," he continues.

"We use Avista software in two major ways. First, to provide the tools to help our internal people with the best current information. And second, the software’s open architecture allows us to customize it for the specific needs of our end-users. We work to provide the best possible information and interface so we're simpler to do business with."

"For an operation like ours, the reliability of the system as a whole and the software in particular is critical. Because everything is so real time and the amount of data, combined with the critical nature of how quickly things move, the system HAS to be extremely reliable. If we lose half an hour or even 15 minutes it's a disaster for us and potentially harmful to our customers' businesses."

"Real time data lets customers know when their orders are running, what quantities are coming and when they can expect to receive them, all with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. This level of communications helps us do a better job for them."

The Axiom Suite of software includes:

  • Axiom Order Management
  • eCustomer Link
  • Shipping Manager
  • Solutions - Trim Scheduling
  • Setup Manager
  • Roll Inventory Management
  • Tag Manager
  • PACS - Converting Scheduling
  • Planning Board
  • To view our entire product line please visit our products page.

    TAPPI-AICC Conference 2014

    TAPPI Conference 2014

    The recent TAPPI – AICC annual meeting held in Long Beach California provided the perfect opportunity for Avista Solutions International, Inc. to showcase its recently updated integrated suite of software. Approximately 200 visitors stopped by the Avista booth to learn more about these popular products. The visitors were a mix of current users stopping by to see the newest functionality and new companies looking for a source of world class corrugated software. Since Avista is the only major company to provide specific and fully integrated software for specific plant types, visitors represented Sheet Plants, Sheet Feeders and Full Corrugated Plants.

    Corresponding with the opening of the meeting, Avista introduced a completely redesigned web site. This new site uses state of the art technology allowing users to access detailed information from PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones.

    Avista used this show to highlight its recently purchased Scrap Trakker product which is the acknowledged industry leader in waste management. This stand-alone waste reduction application consistently provides an ROI measured in months not years. When coupled with the Avista MES, plants are saving thousands of dollars in the first year.

    New functionality in the areas of roll stock replenishment, quality measurement and multi-plant order management was met with high excitement from the existing customer base. Avista’s strengths in customizability and steadily enhancing the functionality provided by current applications is well known throughout the corrugated industry.

    The booth was manned by Avista President Mark Gartrell, Marketing Director Jack Keller and Susana Quilla. Susana traveled from Avista’s Lima, Peru office to insure that native Spanish speakers were able to accurately share in the information provided. Avista’s strong presence in Latin America insured there were many visitors from Mexico, Central and South America.

    If you didn’t get a chance to visit us at the show and would like to obtain all of the information that was provided, contact Avista now to find out what we can do together. You can use the contact us page here on the web site or call us at 952.949.0594.

    A Brand New Look

    A Brand new Look

    Avista Solutions International Inc. has launched its new and improved website. The company hopes to better communicate to current and potential clients about the quality and diversity of their products. Avista has already made its mark in the Sheet Feeder industry as nine of the last plants built within the United States all use Avista Solutions.

    Avista will also be launching the spanish and portugese versions of their website to help continue building stronger relationships with their clients in Latin and South America. Avista is planning on releasing these later this month.

    Avista Congratulates Jack Schwarz

    Honoring Jack Schwartz